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In a free society, people make their own decisions, challenge authority, and speak truth to
power. In Floor 13: Deep State, a dynamically generated, document-driven dystopia, you use the power of the deep state to deal with truth. Fake news, illegal surveillance, extraordinary rendition, or assassination. It doesn't matter how — all you need to do is sign the order. Floor 13: Deep State creates a game by selecting a series of plots and populating them with generated characters, while offering stories from today’s political climate, for a post 9/11 world in the era of Edward Snowden.



  • DYNAMIC STORY - Direct a shadowy intelligence bureau to protect liberty and civility at all costs while uncovering plots and schemes ranging from the banal to the apocalyptic –all in a day’s work
  • DIVERSE SCENARIOS - Over 50 detailed and dynamically enhanced scenarios to deal with based on intrigue, politics and conspiracy
  • YOUR CHOICE MATTERS - You make the choices that decide between a prosperous nation and total chaos


Website https://floor13deepstate.com
Developer Oversight Productions
Publisher Humble Games
Platform Mac, Windows
Where to buy Floor 13: Deep State on Steam
Genres Adventure, RPG
Release Dates
29th September 2020 Windows — World Wide
Score /10