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Friday the 13th: The Game—Action by IllFonic.


Website www.f13game.com
Developer IllFonic
Publisher Gun Media
Platform Windows
Where to buy Friday the 13th: The Game on Steam
Genres Action, Gore, Violent
Release Dates
26th May 2017 — World Wide
Score 9/10

What Blake Hawthorn thought:

9.00/10 9

“Friday the 13th: The Game is the closest you are ever going to get to being in a Friday The 13th movie. It's so realistic that I had goosebumps every time I saw Jason. However if you are playing alone it can get a little boring at times, and that makes me wish that there was a decent single player mode But with its authenticity this is the best Friday The 13th game that we may ever have and it will make every fan very happy.”

Version reviewed: PlayStation 4 Read the full review