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10 Games to Play with Friends this Halloween

10 Games to Play with Friends this Halloween

Say you’ve decided to pass on the dressing up, partying and/or watching scary movies in favour of some games—it wouldn’t hurt to at least stay on theme. Horror games don’t necessarily have to be single-player experiences. If you’re tired of the current popular go-to, Dead by Daylight, then here are some ideas for a fright night.

#1 Deceit

Can you tell friend from foe? The Game Master will put your instinct and strategy to the test. When the lights go out the infected transform and hunt down survivors; the trusted teammate at your side might be the one to take you out. Your escape may hinge on whether you made the right choice on who to trust with the shotgun or the antidote.

#2 In Silence

As the title would suggest, this game is all about sound. Either an AI or one of your friends will take on the role of a mostly-blind rat-like monster with hypersensitive hearing. Try to fix the escape car without making too much noise in this deadly game of hide-and-seek, or opt for breaking into the weapons crate and taking the creature down.

#3 The Blackout Club

Not everything has to involve killing each other, so purely co-op is also an option. Work together to find your missing friend and get to the bottom of the strange events occurring in your town. Just don’t let the Shape catch you. When it comes to this mystery, sometimes you can see more with your eyes closed.

#4 Cry of Fear

Cry of Fear

One of the creepiest on this list for those who want to really feel the fear. Travel through the deserted city of Fäversholm and slowly descend into madness. With disturbing creatures around every turn, try to find answers and survive. The co-op campaign allows up to four players so prepare for a night in and get through the horrors together.

#5 Killing Floor 2

If scary isn’t really your thing but brutality is, consider mowing down Zeds instead. Go at them with a shovel or opt for grenades. Definitely on the gory side, there’s tons of satisfaction to be had in watching the hordes being blown to pieces. Otherwise try out the Versus Survival Game Mode where you can be part of the horde and succeed in shredding the troublesome survivors.

#6 Friday the 13th: The Game

If you look past the fact that Halloween is on a Sunday this year and most certainly not on the 13th then Friday the 13th: The Game is the perfect choice. Having Jason Voorhees trying to murder you sounds like a great way to spend your evening. You could always try to actually survive, or play the killer yourself, but it’s all about the atmosphere.

#7 Phasmophobia

Grab your EMF reader and explore some haunted locations. Ouija boards and voice boxes allow you to communicate with the local spirits. Don’t bother asking if they want to hurt you because there’s no doubt they want you dead. Run and hide in the nearest closet as your torch starts flickering, for you have become the hunted. Such an eerie and creepy game is sure to send shivers down your spine. At least until the fear wears off and you decide it’s more entertaining to try and anger the ghosts.

#8 Ghost Hunters Corp

Similar to Phasmophobia in gameplay but instead of just finding the ghost you actually get to exorcise it! With things like Holy Water and Neutron-Guns at your disposal, you can leave the location knowing you sent the sucker packing. It just doesn’t quite make sense to spend so much effort identifying a ghost just to leave the poor family to deal with it.

#9 Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood

If you like zombie games but haven’t seen Back 4 Blood yet then you might be living under a rock. Fight through waves of Ridden to prevent the extinction of humanity. A pretty standard FPS game, just with deck building. Not quite as brutal as Killing Floor 2 but it’ll be sure to keep you on your toes.

#10 Among Us

Definitely not a horror game but there’s no shame in playing something relatively cute—not everyone is built for high tension and jump scares. Although arguing over who just vented can get pretty tense. There’s some adorable cosmetics to pick out a halloween costume from and once you’ve chosen your outfit you can run around murdering your friends. It’s time to find out which of you is the best liar.



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