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HorrorVale is a Spooky RPG where you explore the world, battle monsters, uncover mysteries, and meet wacky characters. Don't worry about anyone you kill along the way, everyone is already dead!

Over 30 Spooktacular Characters to recruit in your party!
Massive world to explore full of mysteries and lore!
Meet and Fight hundreds of unique characters and enemies! You'll rarely see the same enemy twice!
Exciting story spanning four unique acts. Uncover the secrets of the underworld!
More groan-inducing horror puns than you can handle.
NOTE: This game is still in development, but the available demo contains the entire first Act for free!


Website horrorvale.net
Developer BatWorks Software
Publisher BatWorks Software
Platform Windows
Where to buy HorrorVale on Steam
Genres Adventure, RPG
Score /10

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