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Kaichu is a dating sim about kaiju! You play the role of Gigachu, a gigantic romantic looking for love. Meet 6 other eligible kaiju and visit 24 famous landmarks where Gigachu will answer challenging compatibility questions to decide the fate of your relationship.


Website https://squiddershins.com/games/kaichu
Developer Squiddershins
Publisher Top Hat Studios, Inc.
Platform Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox X|S
Where to buy Kaichu - The Kaiju Dating Sim on Steam
Genres Dating Sim, Simulation
Release Dates
7th September 2022 Windows — World Wide
7th September 2022 Nintendo Switch — World Wide
7th September 2022 PlayStation 4 — World Wide
7th September 2022 PlayStation 5 — World Wide
7th September 2022 Xbox One — World Wide
7th September 2022 Xbox X|S — World Wide
Score 6/10

What Bex Prouse thought:

6.00/10 6

“Despite its whimsical art and wholesome message, Kaichu was unable to capture my heart. While it certainly killed some time, I feel it’s time to go our separate ways. ”

Version reviewed: Windows Read the full review

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