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Welcome to Keplerth! Try to survive on a hostile alien planet in this 2D sandbox RPG, where you can choose to live alone or fight side by side with your friends in the online multiplayer mode. Survive, build, farm, fight, and explore your way to victory in this open-world adventure!


Developer TARO
Publisher Gamera Games
Platform Windows
Where to buy Keplerth on Steam
Genres Adventure, Casual, Exploration, RPG, Sandbox, Sci-fi, Simulation
Release Dates
23rd April 2018 — World Wide
24th May 2022 Windows — World Wide
Score 9/10

What Alana Dunitz thought:

9.00/10 9

“Keplerth is a great 2D survival game that is so deep and has so much to do it will keep you busy for a long time! I just wish it had a little more direction at times, but either way, exploring and figuring things out yourself is so addictive!”

Version reviewed: Windows Read the full review

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