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Website masseffect.bioware.com
Developer Bioware
Publisher Electronic Arts
Franchise Mass Effect
Platform PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360
Where to buy Mass Effect 2 on Steam
Genres Role Playing Game, Third-person Shooter
Release Dates
26th January 2010 Xbox 360 — North America
26th January 2010 Windows — North America
18th January 2011 PlayStation 3 — North America
29th January 2010 Windows — Europe
29th January 2010 Xbox 360 — Europe
21st January 2011 PlayStation 3 — Europe
Score 9/10

What Kev Malone thought:

9.00/10 9

“ Only time will tell where Bioware will go with the franchise, but as a middle game this stands out as one of the best games so far this generation. It’s a good mix of shooting, story, light RPG elements and has plenty of charm and character to keep you hooked right through to the end. Highly recommended. ”

Version reviewed: Windows Read the full review