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Paperbound—Action by Dissident Logic.


Website www.PaperboundGame.com
Developer Dissident Logic
Publisher Dissident Logic
Platform PlayStation 4, Windows
Where to buy Paperbound on Steam
Genres Action, Indie
Score 6½/10

What Reece Armstrong thought:

6.50/10 6½

“When first playing Paperbound you would be forgiven for thinking that the game is a simplistic take on the arena battle genre. Dig a little deeper though and you find a game with solid gameplay mechanics, that delivers rounds of fast paced fun whilst playing solo, or with friends. The quick, frenzied matches of Paperbound can offer hours of fun if the core gameplay appeals to you. It’s undoubtedly a mix of solid mechanics that appear simple, but are fiendishly fun to play and can be deviously complex, it's just a shame that Paperbound ends up being paper thin.”

Version reviewed: PlayStation 4 Read the full review

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