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Sonic Generations—Action by Devil's Details.


Website www.sonicthehedgehog.com
Developer Devil's Details
Publisher Sega
Franchise Sonic The Hedgehog
Platform Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360
Where to buy Sonic Generations on Steam
Genre Action
Release Dates
1st November 2011 — North America
3rd November 2011 — Australia
4th November 2011 — Europe
1st December 2011 — Japan
3rd November 2011 Windows — North America
25th November 2011 Windows — Europe
22nd November 2011 Nintendo 3DS — North America
24th November 2011 Nintendo 3DS — Australia
25th November 2011 Nintendo 3DS — Europe
Score 7/10

What Adam thought:

7.00/10 7

“Sonic Generations is far from a bad game. This is coming from a non-Sonic fan and I genuinely enjoyed the title. However, I only enjoyed the new sections and that's not because I'm not a retro gamer; it's just the older ones feel quite rough around the edges. This is a game for long-time fans of the series.”

Version reviewed: Nintendo 3DS Read the full review

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