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Super Awesome Quest—Action by Boomzap Entertainment.


Developer Boomzap Entertainment
Platform Android, iOS
Genres Action, RPG
Score 8/10

What Reece Armstrong thought:

8.00/10 8

“Super Awesome Quest is a game that offers a fun RPG experience that relies upon its fun and in depth battle system. There is a surprising amount of depth to the crafting system that will make you want to unlock new gear and items. It has a high level of replayability but it hinges upon grinding stages and previous levels. Thankfully because the combat is enjoyable this isn’t too troublesome and indeed you will find yourself having more fun with the challenging later levels. If you’re looking for a free-to-play game that offers rewarding gameplay then you can’t go wrong with Super Awesome Quest.”

Version reviewed: Android Read the full review

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Super Awesome Quest Review Review