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The Wild at Heart is a story-rich action-adventure game about childhood escapism. Take
command of a magical swarm of curious creatures to battle precarious wildlife and supernatural foes, construct and craft new pathways, and discover the secrets of a forgotten world. The Wild at Heart is a unique blend of puzzle solving, light combat, crafting, wrapped in a mysterious tale
about a magical world.


  • EXPLORATION: Explore a unique world, set up new camps, locate rare resources, befriend strange creatures, and loot ancient shrines.
  • COLLECTION: Collect magic crystals, scrap, electrical components, and other unique resources!
  • COMBAT: Battle hostile creatures with your trusty vacuum pack and your small spriteling swarm!
  • CRAFTING: Craft new structures, items, tools, and upgrades.


Website https://www.humblegames.com/thewildatheart
Developer Moonlight Kids
Publisher Humble Games
Platform Windows, Xbox One
Where to buy The Wild at Heart on Steam
Genres Adventure, Puzzle, Strategy
Release Dates
20th May 2021 Windows — World Wide
20th May 2021 Windows — World Wide
Score 7½/10

What Mike Crewe thought:

7.50/10 7½

“Part Pikmin with a splash of Metroid, The Wild at Heart takes these concepts but never utilises them to their full extent. That said, it is fun in short bursts when you need to unwind. With a touching plot and beautiful hand-drawn visuals, this is an impressive first outing for developers Moonlight Kids.”

Version reviewed: PlayStation 4 Read the full review