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BenQ EW2775ZH Review

BenQ EW2775ZH Review

First off, let’s get out of the way that this 27 inch monitor is absolutely huge, though it doesn’t detract from looking good at the same time. It’s a large, AMVA+ panel locked inside that frame, with a thin bezel around the edge. It’s hard to see it when it’s turned off, but when the monitor is on, it becomes clear that there’s a black area around the image where the rest of the bezel on a different monitor would cover.

In terms of stats, this is a full HD monitor, with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080. A contrast ratio of 3000:1 and a refresh rate of 60hz. The panel is an 8bit AMVA+, with a response time of 12ms (4ms GtG) and comes with some neat features, such as “Brightness Intelligence Technology” and “Low Blue Light Plus” mode, which is much the same feature as software like f.lux aims to provide.


Brightness Intelligence Technology, as the name somewhat implies, which brightens up the darker areas of the screen, allowing detail to be seen in those darkened areas. Great for assisting the hunt for enemies hiding in the shadows when playing games, but also quite useful when watching video, especially on scenes that are particularly dark.

However, Low Blue Light Plus is the feature that’s really on offer here. Late at night, or in a darkened room, blue-light causes eye strain, and can also have an adverse affect your ability to sleep. Programs like f.lux appeared and reduced the amount of blue light from your screen in time with the sunset for your regionality. Now, BenQ are adding this as a feature of the monitor itself meaning you can also apply this to your games consoles too, without having to rely on software.


There’s two HDMI inputs on the back, allowing you to connect multiple devices, such as your PC and a games console at the same time along with a standard D-Sub connector, which should cover a myriad of older devices that don’t have HDMI connectivity. There’s also a 3.5mm line-in audio jack, so that you can connect audio to it when using the D-Sub connector, otherwise, audio will come over HDMI. The speakers on this unit are at the back, alongside the connectors - a positioning I find odd, at worst, your audio will sound deadened as it’s projected into the room behind the monitor, though - if you position this against a wall, you’ll at least have the sound reverberated to you.

Sadly, BenQ have changed their stand design with this monitor, which no longer allows for the great range of positioning from previous line-ups. You also can’t twist this one into portrait mode on the stand, which is another great feature lost. You might be thinking “no problem, I’ll just use an aftermarket stand”. Alas, no. There’s no VESA mounting points on this unit - so that’s out of the question too. You’ll have to use the included stand - or find another monitor instead.


BenQ EW2775ZH Review

The BenQ EW2775ZH is not a small monitor. At 27 inches, it dominates the desk that it’s placed upon, bestowing its grandeur to the AMVA+ panel that it contains. Sporting a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, a native contrast ratio of 3000:1, though locked at a refresh rate of 60hz, it’s a nice monitor for the middleweight end user, but gaming enthusiasts may want to look elsewhere.

This item was supplied by the manufacturer or relevant PR company for the purposes of review
Steven John Dawson

Steven John Dawson

Staff Writer

When not getting knee deep in lines of code behind the scenes, you'll find him shaving milliseconds off lap times in Forza.

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Platinum - 09:22am, 26th August 2016

27", 1080p, Im sorry you had to use this mate :( ;) Nice review though.

Jason - 07:07pm, 20th May 2017

How is the text reproduction and did you notice any pixelation?

djdawsonuk - 09:56pm, 20th May 2017 Author

It's been a while since this was on the test-bench, but I didn't notice any particular pixelation or oddities with text reproduction at the time, but I did sit a decent distance away from the monitor (about 3 foot). You may notice some if you sit somewhat closer - or lean forward on your desk. But the same could be said of many monitors at this size/resolution.

Jason - 07:14am, 21st May 2017

Thank you for the information, i usually sit about 3 foot away from the monitor and my main usage will be gaming, watching movies and reading text (not much).