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FIFINE Ampligame H9 Headset Review

FIFINE Ampligame H9 Headset Review

I’m typically not very picky when it comes to hardware. I’ve been using a pair of headphones that work quite well for me for ages now, but when I got the opportunity to try out something new, I wanted to give it a shot. The FIFINE Ampligame H9 is a new budget, wired headset for PCs and consoles that is honestly quite perfect for me.

For one thing, the Ampligame H9 is quite comfortable, with padding on the ears and the band between them. Every part of my head that’s naturally touching the headset while I’m wearing it is only feeling a soft and gentle surface. As a plus, my ears never seem to stick to the headset, even if I’ve left them on for a long time. I also have a tendency to overheat a bit as time passes with something on my head, but I’ve so far been able to wear the Ampligame H9 for hours on end without ever feeling the need to cool off by setting them aside. The one issue I really have in this regard is that there are these two stray cords between the ears and band aside from the metal connecting them that can get caught in my long hair on occasion. As I’ve grown used to the headset, I’ve noticed this issue less and less, but it was still a tad annoying at first.

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Thankfully, those two cords don’t offer any negatives in regards to the headset’s appearance! I was given the option between a black, white, or pink headset and I went with the pink one, mainly because I quite like red-adjacent colours. What I got was a nice, fairly soft pink that is easy on the eyes. Additionally, the padded sections are this matte light grey that go rather swimmingly with the pink. That grey is also a very close match to the metal used for the connections between the band and the ears, so the Ampligame H9 is very easily able to maintain its simple colour scheme. As a final touch, both ears feature a cute little design of a wide smiley face, which I absolutely adore.

Onto slightly more technical aspects, another huge point in the Ampligame H9’s favour is the removable mic. Sure, there are other ways to mute yourself, both within the headset’s design and inside of most apps that you’d be using your mic in, but given that the attached mic tends to sit right beneath the edge of the mouth, it’s a fairly simple process to remove the mic entirely in order to eat without it in the way. It is especially nice then that the mic seems to be of decently high quality. Several people I play with have told me that I sound far clearer through this than my last pair of headphones.

Then there’s the fact that this headset comes with two different ways of connecting to your PC or console: 3.5mm jack and USB. Personally, I’m a big fan of the classic headphone jack — it’s nice and simple and lets me freely use headphones and headsets on practically any device I’d want to listen to privately — and I am so pleased that the Ampligame H9 comes with that option. As a plus, everything sounds crisper with this headset on than any of my past headphones, though I’ll admit I only notice the difference when testing them side-by-side.


I noticed a further improvement in audio clarity and quality when connecting the headset with USB, which is nice. The main draw for me with USB, however, is how this cord also comes with a small connected remote that can mute the headset, adjust both the input and output volumes, and even activate 7.1 surround sound, which makes it way easier to notice the quieter noises and place where they’re coming from within a game. What’s more is that this even works on PlayStation 4 (and also 5, it claims), though I don’t usually sit near my console and I can’t exactly plug a USB cord into my controllers, so I primarily still use the 3.5mm jack. That’s also the only way to enjoy the Ampligame H9 headset on Xbox or Switch — though it does also say that the USB can work with a docked Switch — but I’ll admit that I’m not particularly bothered by that since I prefer the jack anyway.

Another small negative is that the headset isn’t amazing at noise cancelling. Sure, a lot of noises are a little muffled with them on, but unless I have something actively playing, I can still hear conversations and thunks a room away. It’s a little better when actually listening to something, but the outside world never truly disappears.

That being said, I still highly recommend the FIFINE Ampligame H9 Headset! It’s super comfortable, sounds great, works in a variety of situations, is relatively cheap at around £45.99/$37.99, and is cute to boot. I know I’m going to keep using it for sure.


FIFINE Ampligame H9 Headset Review

The FIFINE Amligame H9 Headset is a well-designed headset that is gentle on the head and the wallet while still delivering quality sound on both ends.

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