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HyperX Shield Microphone Pop Filter Review

HyperX Shield Microphone Pop Filter Review

When I was sent a HyperX QuadCast S USB Microphone to review, I was also sent the HyperX Shield Pop Filter. The Quadcast has a built-in pop filter, but I figured you can never have enough pop filters, right?

In the box, you get the filter as well as a gooseneck mount. The mount can attach to most boom arms and microphone stands; just don’t try and attach it to your desk. However, if you have a Quadcast, you don’t even need the mount! The Shield will attach directly to it and will pop off just as easily if required. Unfortunately, if you have a white microphone, your Shield won’t match.

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While it’s questionable whether a single-layer metal screen functions as effectively as a nylon pop filter, the Shield’s high-quality build and durability ensure you get value for your money. However, if you do not own a HyperX mic, you may want to reconsider your options.

While the metal mesh does allow more air to pass through, it may not be functionally equivalent to a nylon mesh pop filter. This does not take away from the fact it's well-crafted and visually appealing, with a minimalist design, and sleek modern look that adds to its charm.

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I’ve found that the Shield significantly reduces plosives, delivering what it promises without being an unsightly addition to your setup. Though whether that’s just because it’s in combination with the built-in pop filter is something I’ve not been able to work out.

In summary, the HyperX Shield Microphone Pop Filter works wonderfully for a HyperX Quadcast, providing quality, style, and easy use. For users of other microphones, it may not be the top choice, but its performance and design certainly make it worthy of consideration.


HyperX Shield Microphone Pop Filter Review

Cheaper options exist, and if you don't have a Quadcast it becomes less of a must-buy, though it's certainly useful.

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