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PDP Rematch Wired Controller Review

PDP Rematch Wired Controller Review

While my preferred control method on the PC is keyboard & mouse, there are certain games that are better with a controller. Sometimes it’s because the keyboard controls were designed by a crazy person, but most often it’s because a keyboard doesn’t let you choose a movement speed the same way that tilting a stick does.

Of course, the PDP Rematch is a licensed controller, so that means it works perfectly well with the Xbox Series X (and likely other Xboxs) too, but I’ve mainly been using it for PC games. It has all of the same buttons as the official controllers, but it also has two paddles on the back which are customisable in the PDP Control Hub app. There is a microphone mute button at the bottom, so when taking screenshots don’t mix them up! You also get a long USB-C cable which attaches firmly to the controller.

PDP Rematch Controller2

The controller feels nice and solid, quite well constructed. The buttons feel a little stiffer than the official controller, but I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing. Whereas official controllers have a coarse finish to the edges and thumb sticks, the finish on the Rematch is much finer and feels nicer in the hands. On the thumb sticks in particular it is very light, in fact it’s almost unnoticeable. Having used my official controller since the Xbox X|S released the coarse thumb stick grooves have worn away in places, so it’s nice to have something that I probably won’t miss once it wears away from use.

My only gripe with the Rematch is that the d-pad feels spongy when pressed. Not a lot of games require the d-pad, but if you need to press it in a hurry there’s a risk that whatever you wanted to happen won’t, because you didn’t press it hard enough.

PDP Rematch Controller3

Overall, the PDP Rematch is a great controller at about half the price of an official model. If you don’t mind cables (which I don’t) then it’s an ideal replacement and well worth a look.


PDP Rematch Wired Controller Review

A great wired alternative to an official Xbox controller, with the licence from Microsoft to back it up.

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Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


Guaranteed to know more about Transformers and Deadpool than any other staff member.

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Mr.P - 03:07am, 9th December 2023

These controllers are the worste.

The arms inside, that press on the buttons, on the mainboard,  are made of extremely thin,very weak plastic, and If you were to flick the bumper button with your finger to hard, you'd probably break the inside arm.

Definitely NOT a durdurable controller. NOT EVEN CLOSE!  

I had the cable go under my heel while I was playing Hitman about an hour or so. When I stood up, it snagged it out of my hand, hit the right bumber on the floor, and snapped it inside. THAT QUICK THAT EASY. DONE,  DEAD IN A SECOND. Plastic banging around inside.

The BIG buttons underneath are CONSTANTLY getting pushed accidentally, which not only ruins a game in a split second, BUT YOU CANT DISABLE THEM.

The cable itself hangs on the USB port and it eventually begins to break contact, constantly coming lose. And right in the middle of a game? ANOTHER SPLIT SECOND GAME DESTROYER.

I had to wrap 2 elaselastic bands around the controller and cable to keep the cable firmly in.

My first broke near Christmas and both my daughters bought me one.

So within about 17 months I went through 3.

EVERY SINGLE ONE GOT STICK DRIFT, Every single got loose connections, and YES, EVERY SINGLE ONE dropped,  and broke in the same exact place

They're nothing but CHEAP China JUNK made to look nice.

Aesthetics dont win you games.

Poorly designed, poorly made, and anyone who gives reviews over 2 stars, especially within weeks of buying one, is ..........

1. NOT doing anyone a service. More like a DIS-service

2. More than likely getting paid to give it.