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Radium 600 Microphone Review

Radium 600 Microphone Review

With audio quality being such a fundamental part of any good setup it's important to find the right equipment that won’t break your bank. Enter the Radium 600 from Genesis, a high-quality condenser microphone mainly aimed at streamers but also suitable for everyday use. Having only really used headset microphones up until now, getting set up with the Radium 600 was something I couldn’t wait to do and see just how much of a difference it would have on my audio quality.

Given how important first impressions are, Genesis made sure to knock it out of the park with the Radium 600, so much so as to pack the microphone and accompanying extras in a metal hard case. Packed neatly Inside you will find the microphone, a stand, pop-filter, a foam cover, and cables. This is great because it means you have both a handy place to store the Radium 600 but also a secure way to transport it should you need to move the microphone long distance.

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With the main target audience of the Radium 600 being streamers, it's no surprise that Genesis has opted to make getting set up as convenient as possible. The microphone is USB powered meaning you only need to plug it into your machine to be ready to use in minutes. On the side of the microphone are easily accessible dial controls for volume and grain for quick audio level adjustments, along with a mute button as well. You will also find a 3.5 mm jack input on the side of the microphone as well, should you need to connect headphones for any reason.

The build quality of the Radium 600 is quite impressive and is something you will notice even when first unboxing the microphone. The construction is solid and there is a fair bit of weight to it which is sure to see it survive the odd bump or drop during use, as well as any knocks during transportation. The extras such as the pop filter and foam cover are about what you would expect but they are by no means bad.

Focusing on the included stand for a moment, this is unfortunately one of the only parts of the Radium 600 package where I found myself disappointed. While the stand does a fine job of holding the microphone in place and is likely to fit the needs of most people, it’s not the most durable of things.

For starters, the max height that the stand can extend to was not ideal for me and my setup, and after only a few uses the adjustable section of the stand became stuck in place. While this is likely a fault caused by my own hands, it is a shame it was so quick to occur. That said, I had always planned to get a boom arm for the microphone as it better suited my setup and given the quality of the stand, I’d recommend you do as well.

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Moving onto sound quality, the Radium 600 is a cardioid condenser microphone capable of handling a wide range of frequencies with sound quality that is simply exceptional. Most of my usage of the microphone was for streaming and podcast recording, along with some work meetings as well. Through all of these, the audio quality was superb and not once did I find myself struggling to find the right audio balance.

Other than the stand, the Radium 600 is a fantastic microphone that is sure to fulfill the needs of most regardless of your intended use. If you are looking to upgrade your audio setup for a reasonable price then you wouldn’t do wrong with the Radium 600, though I’d suggest considering a better stand depending on your need and setup.


Radium 600 Microphone Review

The Radium 600 is an impressive microphone that is a worthwhile addition to anyone's setup, though the included stand could be improved.

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