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Roccat Kone Aimo Mouse Review

Roccat Kone Aimo Mouse Review

I’ve been using the same mouse for almost two years, so I decided it was time to get something new. The paint where my clicker game addiction random clicking has been wearing away, the pads on the underside are scuffed, and to be honest the glare from the RGB had been bugging me for a while. So when we were offered the Kone Aimo from Roccat, I snapped it up.

It came in a well-designed box, with a few stickers, and a quick start guide. The mouse itself is a bit on the large size, but well constructed. It doesn’t feel too big to me, but my wife did reckon it would give her a cramp.

As well as the left and right buttons, and the chunky scroll wheel, there are two additional buttons on the top which control the speed which the mouse moves. Off to the left side of the mouse, and controlled with the right side of your thumb, are the T1 & T2 buttons, which by default go forwards and backwards in the web browser history. Beneath those, controlled with the left side of your thumb is the T3, which is called the Easy-Shift key, because it makes all of the other buttons do something else when held.

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By default the alternative modes are basically media keys. The scroll wheel does the volume and track change, etc. However, if you download ROCCAT’s Swarm app (either to your phone or computer), you can set them to do other things like open programs, websites, press a button combination, or even shut down the computer. Since I don’t fiddle with the DPI once it’s at a speed I like, I just recalibrated the default mode of buttons.

The box - and app - boast that the Aimo has an “intelligent lighting system” designed to “react organically with your gaming behavior”. I’ve had it set to that since I installed Swarm, and it literally just seems to cycle through the colours. I tried several games, but maybe it does something during multiplayer games that I’ve not seen? For instance, maybe it stays yellow during Counter-Strike, or red for Team Fortress 2 - I’ve no idea. It could just be something that coordinates when you have a Roccat keyboard and headset, unfortunately I only have the mouse and a Roccat Kanga mousemat.

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While I’m talking about it, the Kanga compliments the Aimo well. It’s nice and smooth to glide the mouse across, and it’s not as thick as my old one, and takes up a little less space on the desk.

I can’t think of any negative things to say about the Kone Aimo. It’s a good mouse, with a lot of customisation options. The “Titan” scroll wheel is nice and chunky, and unlike other mice I’ve used it doesn’t have those tiny ridges which can cause discomfort if you use the scroll wheel a lot. Instead, it’s got well spaced dips around the wheel, and it’s lit up with the same RGB as the body of the mouse.

Roccat’s Kone Aimo is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the original Kone, and it’s certainly a worthy successor. It’s worth a look if you want a new mouse.


Roccat Kone Aimo Mouse Review

With a nice, big design and a decade worth of research put into updating their original designs, the Kone Aimo is certainly worth a look.

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