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ROCCAT Magma Keyboard Review

ROCCAT Magma Keyboard Review

Over the past few months, I found myself getting back into Dead by Daylight. The struggling mechanic became taxing on my keyboard because this essentially meant jackhammering my spacebar to try and stay alive as long as possible when you were on the second hook stage. This feature was recently changed to regular skill checks, but not before I managed to actually break my spacebar. Thankfully, ROCCAT must have heard my plight and not soon after launched the ROCCAT Magma, the most recent edition in its ever-growing roster of industry-defining peripherals. 

My previous keyboard was the ROCCAT Horde AIMO, and my current mouse is a ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra. So, it’s safe to say I’m a huge fan of its equipment, and the Magma yet again aims to please. While it’s on the cheaper side of its equipment, the cheapest of its keyboards on sale in fact, it’s far from bad quality. 

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The Magma is a membrane keyboard that, at first glance, might look quite simplistic, but underneath hides an intuitive and enjoyable piece of hardware. Despite membrane keyboards typically sporting lesser responsiveness, the Magma seems to suffer no setbacks in this regard. The keys themselves feel satisfying to use and there was never a feeling of unresponsiveness from them. 

Like all ROCCAT products, the Magma can be linked to your ROCCAT account and customised through its Swarm software. This software allows you to tinker with the RGB illuminations and modify certain key bindings using the EasyShift feature, allowing you to create alternate and custom bindings bound to an ‘EasyShift’ key akin to a ‘Function’ key found on most keyboards. Additionally, the Magma also has a ‘Game Mode’, which can easily switch bindings and disables the Windows key. All through my gaming history, I’ve had too many situations where I’ve accidentally palmed the Windows key when trying to play, so this was a very welcome addition for me. 

ROCCAT Magma Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard 2

The Magma is the cheapest of the ROCCAT keyboards. As someone who has used ROCCAT’s equipment before, it’s easy to see why as it lacks some of the more advanced features that ROCCAT’s other peripherals have. Do not let that cloud your judgement into thinking this keyboard is bad — sitting at ⅓ of the price of its more high-end keyboards, the Magma holds perfectly fine on its own, and is a fine addition to anyone looking for a quality gaming keyboard without breaking their wallet too hard.


ROCCAT Magma Keyboard Review

The Magma is a brilliant display of how you don't need anything too fancy to be an effective gaming peripheral. As ROCCAT's cheapest keyboard, it's more than enough for those looking for an edge as they play.

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