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Roxio Gamecap HD Pro Review

Roxio Gamecap HD Pro Review

The Roxio Gamecap HD Pro is an external video capture device intended for recording gameplay from games consoles in an easy to use combination of hardware and software as well as provide an easy way to stream to Twitch and YouTube. So how does it fare?

First of all, the Roxio Gamecap HD Pro can capture multiple resolutions from 480i up to 1080p, this means you can capture from last generation consoles (Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, WiiU) easily as well as from both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It can record at up to 60fps except at 1080p where it is limited to 30fps.

GameCap HD Pro

The Gamecap HD Pro fits in between your TV and your console and has both HDMI and Component inputs and outputs. You simply connect your console to the inputs then connect the preferred output to your TV (most likely using the HDMI option), finally you connect the box to your PC via the included USB cable.

It should be noted that you cannot connect a PS3 using HDMI as Sony enforce HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) sadly and the Gamecap HD Pro doesn’t act as a HDCP stripper so you’ll need to use a Component connection for PS3.

In the box you get the device itself, which is extremely light, a USB cable for connecting to your PC and supplying power, an installation DVD and a Quick Start Guide that explains how to set up a PS3/Xbox 360. No HDMI or Component cables are included however so that’s something to factor in.

GameCap HD Pro Software

After installation of the newest software from Roxio’s site (rather than the outdated DVD), it’s simply a case of launching the included software where you’ll then see your console's output in the preview window and some settings related to capturing.

From here you can configure whether you are using the HDMI or Component input source, the location to save files to and length of videos (if required). You can also choose from one of two video containers, M2TS or the more widely used MP4. Capturing video is then as hitting the green Capture button.

Jumping into the options lets you customise the bitrate for your videos as well as link your Twitch and Youtube accounts. Once you’ve done that, streaming to those services is as simple as hitting the Live Stream button. This all works really well and is great for a beginner but it’s very barebones, there is no support for adding an overlay of any sort (camera or image) or any sort of scene transitions. As long as you only want your game image with voice over the top the included software does the job with a minimum of fuss.

GameCap HD Pro OBS

If you want to go the extra mile all is not lost however as you can use the Gamecap HD Pro in both OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) and XSplit streaming programs. Using these more advanced programs you can create overlays, show video from webcams, as well as other more advanced features. Support in other programs however is a little hit and miss, even though the Gamecap HD Pro shows up as a video device in other programs, it often won’t work as you’d expect.

This isn’t generally a problem as you’ll most likely be using OBS or XSplit (or indeed its own software) to stream/record video but it does bear mentioning. The software also includes a surprisingly competent video editing package called Roxio Videowave, it’s no replacement for Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro but for the budding YouTuber it’s an exceptionally fully-featured piece of software allowing you to trim and piece together a video with a wide variety of transitions and effects.

GameCap HD Pro VideoWave

The product does have some negatives though, it’s really light and the plastic casing doesn’t feel sturdy at all, the lack of an HDMI cable in the box is a shame as that’s something extra you need and the hit and miss compatibility with other software could be something that requires more investigation if you have specific needs.

The Gamecap HD Pro does what it says it will and in combination with its own software is straightforward to get setup and working quickly. If you solely intend to record videos from newer consoles for use on YouTube or to stream to Twitch in a plug and play manner then it performs those tasks admirably.


Roxio Gamecap HD Pro Review

The Roxio Gamecap HD Pro is aimed firmly at getting you up and running capturing video quickly. The included video editor and the plug and play nature of the device make it excellent for those looking to get into streaming and crafting videos.

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