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snakebyte HEAD:SET SX for Xbox Series X|S Review

snakebyte HEAD:SET SX for Xbox Series X|S Review

As I used a headset a lot for my Xbox One, and recently got the Xbox Series X, I was excited to try out a headset designed for it. That turned out to be the snakebyte HEAD:SET SX. Inside the box it had the headset, headset holder (a little thing you can stick to your desk), and a detachable microphone with pop filter. The wire connected to the headset has a volume control and mute switch, and ends in a 3.5mm audio connector.

When unfolding the headset it makes a loud click that made me think I may have broken something, which worried me a little at first. It turns out that all was fine, and it’s supposed to do that. I’m honestly not a fan of how they open with such a loud noise, though.

XSX SB916250HEADSETSX SHOT04 1800x1800

Once I first unfolded the headset, I looked around everywhere to see if there was an indication of which ear piece goes on the left, and which on the right. It took some finding, and there is, but it is very hard to see as it was hidden. You have to pull each ear piece out slightly to find it.

After working out which ear was which, I placed the headset on my head and instantly didn't like the feel of it even after adjusting it, which didn't take much due to my head being a little small. I didn’t like how the ear pieces sat on my ears. I can be a little picky sometimes about headsets, but the only ones I have owned in the past are SteelSeries which fit my ears a lot better than the snakebyte ones.

I did get my 15, nine and seven year olds to try them on and I think it is mostly ranged for the teens and younger, because they have smaller ears and they all told me how comfortable they felt having them on.

As for the quality of the audio, I had no real complaints. I had to fiddle around with the settings on the console to get it to an acceptable volume, though. Even with the volume dial turned up they were still on the quiet side, and since I mainly wear a headset to play Dead By Daylight, being able to hear the killer is pretty important!

The microphone quality is something I also can’t complain about. It worked, people could hear me and didn’t complain about the quality.

Unfortunately, the snakebyte HEAD:SET SX is too uncomfortable for me, so I can’t recommend it.


snakebyte HEAD:SET SX for Xbox Series X|S Review

The snakebyte HEAD:SET SX gets the job done for the basic needs of a headset but isn’t all too comfortable for adults and doesn’t get very loud.

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