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Speedlink Decus Gaming Mouse Review

Speedlink Decus Gaming Mouse Review

I’ve been eager to try a gaming mouse for absolutely ages, but they’ve either been too expensive or looked too cheap. So I was a little excited to finally get to experience one.

My last mouse was wireless through necessity -- I didn’t have straightforward access to my PC tower. When I opened the box, I didn’t know how to feel about the cord coming out of the top end of the red & black multi-buttoned piece of plastic. Almost two metres long and reinforced, but I’ll admit it looks strange to see a cable running along my desk. That’s just me, though.


Compared to my old mouse, the Decus looks like a beast. It’s huge! That’s because it’s got an apparently ergonomic design. There is a groove or cranny for all five fingers (or four and a thumb, you pedant), and it does feel comfortable to hold, but my wife doesn’t agree due to her hand being smaller. I haven’t found any of the buttons difficult to reach from a resting position.

As well as the left and right buttons, it has a scroll wheel which acts as a middle mouse button. There are two buttons perfectly positioned for your thumb, which are Back and Forward by default -- and as there were similar buttons on my old mouse, I kept them as such. Behind the scroll wheel is a button to change the DPI, which on a basic level makes the mouse move faster or slower. The final button is next to the left mouse button, and it clicks the left mouse over 100 times. I haven’t managed to get it to work in a game, though it works as expected in a browser or Windows itself


All of the buttons are, of course, customisable using the bundled software, which can also program five profiles. These can switch automatically depending on the program you’re using, so your Diablo configuration will swap to your Counter-Strike one without any hassle.

My only issue with the mouse, however, happens to be with the software. It allows you to choose the colour of the lights -- yet I tried multiple times to get it to stay a solid purple, and it insisted on remaining as “breathing” colour rotation. Perhaps it’s an issue with Windows 10, the fact it’s not a USB 3.0 port -- I have no idea. It’s a minor gripe, but I would have liked to be able to choose the colour properly.


Functionally it is great, the build quality is perfect and it has easily become my favourite peripheral. It’s big without being unwieldy, the button clicks aren’t too loud and even the button to swap profiles is positioned well -- I’ve never hit it by accident.

If you’re after a gaming mouse, definitely put this high up the shortlist.


Speedlink Decus Gaming Mouse Review

If you’re after a gaming mouse, definitely put this high up the shortlist.

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Andrew Duncan


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beettlestew - 01:50am, 17th July 2016

would like to buy  thing is im upgrading pc