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Speedlink Fieris Illuminated Gaming Mousepad Review

Speedlink Fieris Illuminated Gaming Mousepad Review

To be honest, I’ve never really thought about the mouse mat I’m using. It’s always been something cheap or free -- a company I worked for gave away some pretty decent solid plastic ones once.

So I’m upgrading from some foam thing I got from Staples for a couple of quid to a much bigger, thinner, sturdier and brighter Fieris from Speedlink. It’s made of rubber with a cloth top and has a red light between the two layers. It’s powered by USB, so you don’t have to have it on, but it does add to the ambience of your desk.

The box contains the mousepad, a 1.5m long cable and an information booklet. It’s actually a single page, but the info is repeated in multiple languages.

sl 620103 bk rgb 004

This shows the logo as more noticible than it actually is

The pad is large enough to satisfy most, at 35cm wide and 25.5cm tall. It’s almost double the surface area of my old one. My mouse moves smoothly across the material, and the rubber bottom means that I never accidentally move the mat itself.

The branding on the mat is very subtle, and because of how I arrange my desk, it’s actually hidden beneath my flightstick. Where the micro-USB attaches to power the light, it shows Speedlink along with the Fieris logo. The mat itself also shows the logo in the bottom left, but you’re not going to notice it unless you’re looking for it because it’s literally just indented in the fabric.

Now, I’m guilty of eating at my desk -- bad habit, I know, but reddit isn’t going to check itself. Luckily, the Fieris is easy to wipe clean. I have four kids, so have plenty of baby wipes which handle the job perfectly.

sl 620103 bk rgb 2

I’m honestly very happy about upgrading my mouse mat. Not only does it add something new that lights up to my desk, but it also compliments my gamepad, mouse and flightstick, which are all Speedlink products. It’s not cheap, coming in at just over £32 on Amazon, but there are certainly more expensive ones available.

If you’re looking for a new mouse mat, and especially if you want one that lights up, this is definitely one to consider. It’s sturdy, well put together and doesn’t feel the need to scream its brand at you.


Speedlink Fieris Illuminated Gaming Mousepad Review

If you’re looking for a new mouse mat, and especially if you want one that lights up, this is definitely one to consider.

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