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The Valari Gaming Pillow Review

The Valari Gaming Pillow Review

Facebook is an addictive thing to use, you can scroll for hours and forget what you were doing, well yes I was doing that one day and came across an ad for a gaming pillow. It grabbed my interest as I had been struggling with my wrists and hands a lot lately and I wanted something to rest them on whilst I play either on my consoles or PC.

I looked over The Valari Gaming Pillow and I was interested in how it helped, whilst reading over the site I thought it sounded like it was ideal. So, we got in touch and they were kind enough to provide one for review!

Whilst I play games on my PC I sometimes struggle to get comfortable so when it arrived I was excited and opened the box immediately. It came in a vacuum-sealed bag with the cover in an envelope. I opened them both up and pushed the pillow inside the cover, which was easy enough to do. The cover feels soft and it has eggplant purple on one side and grey on the other side, though other colours and designs are available.


Since it arrived I have been using it whilst at my PC and it has helped me to feel a lot more comfortable than I was without one. However, since the Valari has a clip so that you can fasten it to yourself to make it more secure, and I am a big girl, whilst I sat back on my computer chair I could feel the clip digging into my back. So I wouldn't recommend this if you are on the large size, as I had to unclip it. However, they do an Extension Clip for the legendary covers.

So I went and bought the Extension Clip which helped a lot and made it a lot more comfortable when playing on the PC. I’ve also used it while playing games on my bed and sofa, and it feels comfortable enough, as long as you’re leaning your back against something.

The Valari Gaming Pillow has certainly made gaming more comfortable. I haven’t been experiencing any issues with my wrists, and I haven’t had to hold controllers at odd angles to find a comfortable spot. While I can’t recommend it for using a keyboard and mouse, it’s not actually designed for that. I can, however, highly recommend it for playing on the Switch, current gen consoles, or even using your smartphone or tablet!


The Valari Gaming Pillow Review

A must-buy if you suffer from wrist issues; since I have been using the gaming pillow, it has helped a lot.

This item was supplied by the manufacturer or relevant PR company for the purposes of review
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