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Xenta Pedestal Gaming Chair

Xenta Pedestal Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs have been a bit of a hit-and-miss subject for me. I owned one for quite some time, though didn’t end up using it too much for a couple of reasons. I'll refer to it to contrast experiences between the two.

First up, assembly. The Xenta Pedestal Gaming chair went together without any issues, screw on the panel for the gas lift, attach the armrests. Sit it all together on the base section. Voila, done. For what is quite a large metal base, I was surprised to find out how easy it was to move around given the weight. This is a big plus, as my previous gaming chair was cumbersome to move around. It can be chalked up to the unit having arm-rests which nicely double up as handles.

Next up, comfort. The previous chair I owned was one of those that sat directly on the floor, meaning that to get into and out of it was a nightmare due to how low it was. Adding the pedestal as they have done on this chair raises up the seating height, making it much easier to sit on. There’s no awkward twisting to get out of the chair either - again, due to the added height of this gaming chair. I sat through a good couple of lengthy The Witcher 3 sessions on the Xenta Pedestal Gaming Chair and not once did I feel uncomfortable.


Finally, the sound. I wasn’t expecting much out of the speakers on this chair to be honest, though I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The chair comes with cables to attach the chair to your sound source, and an adapter that will convert a stereo phono connection to a single jack for the chair, a pleasing addition. I hooked it up to my phone initially to try it with some music and get a feel for the levels that the chair could reach. The subwoofer has a solid kick to it and the speakers in the head-rest area deliver a nice mid-to-treble to round out the sound.

Then, hooked up to the Xbox One whilst playing The Witcher 3 as mentioned previously, I turned the sub up a bit, to see if it would change the experience. It no longer felt like Geralt was just being hit on screen - I could feel the impact when he took a beat-down. It adds a slight immersion to the game world, though not to the levels of something like the Oculus will.


Xenta Pedestal Gaming Chair

A comfy chair for long periods, that doesn’t suffer from the difficulties of rocking backwards too much, or being able to get into and out of the chair without having to scrabble around the floor to do so. Paired up with a nice set of 2.1 speakers, this chair is great for any gamer.

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Steven John Dawson

Steven John Dawson

Staff Writer

When not getting knee deep in lines of code behind the scenes, you'll find him shaving milliseconds off lap times in Forza.

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Tom - 05:33pm, 30th October 2015

Do you happen to know the height measurement from the floor to the top of the arm rests?

djdawsonuk - 01:08pm, 31st October 2015 Author

 Hey Tom,

I believe I may have answered you on Xbox Live already, but the measurements are as follows (in case anyone else is interested)

With the chair at it's lowest, the top of the armrest is 54cm from the floor. When the chair is at it's highest on the gaslift, it's 57.5cm from the floor.

Hope this helps!