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Xqisit BT IE 200 Bluetooth Earphones Review

What first intrigued me about the BT IE 200 earphones wasn’t the fact that they were bluetooth -- that’s been done before. It was the magnetic aspect. See, the selling point for this particular set of earphones is that they will pause your audio playback.

Fittingly, the box that the BT IE 200 comes in, closes magnetically. It’s a solid little box, and comes with an instruction booklet and two sets of spare covers. Well, not spare, so much as different sizes. I’ve never changed the default set on any headset I’ve owned, but they were honestly hurting my ears and so I went for the smaller size. The bigger ones blocked out more sound due to their shape, but I didn’t wear them for long.

The bluetooth receiver hangs under the left earpiece and the control box is below the right earpiece. The control box has three buttons and a micro-USB port for charging. Two control volume and skip tracks, while the middle one is the Multi Purpose Button, answering calls, pairing with devices and acting as play/pause.

bt ie200 2

Over the course of a week I used them several times to test how they worked under regular use. I like to listen to podcasts when I’m driving around, and they were pretty good for that. However, being a family man, I found they pulled down to one side whenever I had to take one out of my ear to be able to hear my wife.

I’ve found that, unfortunately, the claimed time of four hours listening time isn’t quite being reached, with a full charge running just over three hours. I haven’t checked the 150 hours standby time, but that’s because I want to use them, not stare at them for six days solid…

That said, I do like using them. It’s been a while since I had in-ear earphones, rather than ear buds, so they took a little getting used to, but I have. The magnetic ‘pause’ is useful, but only if you have them hanging below your chin. If you have them around your neck you run the risk of being choked, depending on how wide your neck is -- unless you take both of them out before attaching them together, of course. It also doubles as a weird/fancy necklace!


Xqisit BT IE 200 Bluetooth Earphones Review

The magnetic aspect is novel as well as functional, and the connection distance is more than adequate.

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