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ZyberVR Night IR Light for Quest 2 Review

ZyberVR Night IR Light for Quest 2 Review

Now here is something that I never knew existed, a device that creates invisible light so that your Meta Quest 2 quits messing around in low light conditions. ZyberVR Night IR Light for Quest 2 is an illuminator that creates infrared light to enhance sensor tracking in the dark.

The unit itself is tiny and weighs almost nothing. There’s one button and the illuminator includes a brilliant idea of including a USB-C charging port. It acts as a passthrough so that you can simultaneously power the IR Light and your Quest 2 VR headset. What’s more, it’s designed so that it curves around the headphone jack, so that you can still plug in some earphones!

There are two brightness levels, providing flexibility based on your room's size and the user's needs. The 1.5W Low Light suffices for smaller rooms (210 ft²-430 ft²), while the 3W High Light could adequately cover larger spaces (430 ft²-540 ft²). Its dual light design and wide 120° viewing angle ensure even and efficient illumination, significantly enhancing the Meta Quest 2 gameplay experience.

zyber irlight

However, you’re not limited to plugging the ZyberVR Night IR Light into your headset! You can plug it into any available USB-C cable or socket, and it will light things up just as easily.

With these attributes combined, the ZyberVR Night IR Light for Quest 2 is a valuable addition to any VR setup. No more wandering boundaries or sudden alerts throwing you out of the game, it’s highly recommended.


ZyberVR Night IR Light for Quest 2 Review

The ZyberVR Night IR Light for Quest 2 proves to be an excellent solution for Meta Quest 2 sensor tracking issues in the dark.

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