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Bubble Island: Birds World Review

Bubble Island: Birds World Review

The mobile market is full of match three games in various different forms. Bubble Island: Birds World follows the vein of other titles such as the Bubble Witch Saga game series’, where the player fires bubbles at others that are suspended in the air. The goal: save all the baby birds.

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The mobile market is saturated with bubble shooter and match three style games such as this. Bubble Island: Birds World doesn’t do a whole lot to stand out from the bunch. The game loads quickly, allowing you to start playing at almost a moment’s notice, but the graphics and design are very simple. You play as a little cat who’s goal is to save baby birds who are trapped within some of the bubbles that need to be popped. There’s little more to it than that.

Each level has a number of birds that need to be saved - on average five. There is also a limit to the ammunition that the cat gets to complete his or her task. The amount of bubbles the cat gets at the start of each level is more than enough. While I was playing I never ran out, and only came close once.

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Bubble Island: Birds World does have power-ups that can be found, such as a ball of fire or a vine. The ball of fire is designed to blow out a circular area of the bubbles, while the vine grows upward from where it hits the target and separates the bubbles it touches from the rest. I particularly liked how these power ups can be combined, making the game kind of interesting despite how simple it is.

Created by Sugame Studio based in Hanoi, Vietnam, Bubble Island: Birds World seems to have a few different names. In the Google Play page, it’s listed as Bubble Match: Birds World, and on the main screen, it’s titled Bubble Frenzy. This did make me question if I had the right game, though, and that’s never a good thing. Confusion over a game’s name can cause people to overlook it.

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Bubble Island: Birds World does have banner ads along the bottom of the screen. They’re not too obvious, so they don’t disrupt the gameplay, which is nice. There are also skipable ads between levels and free coins that players can get if they wish to watch ads. What do the coins do? I haven’t figured that out yet, but I have 52 of them and would love to use them… somehow.

The game has 230 levels and more coming soon. This is more than enough to keep anyone busy in a waiting room for sure. Bubble Island: Birds World loads quick and is a little bit addictive, as most bubble shooting games are. With quick reward, cute characters, and simple art, this game is good for adults or children. This title is fun, though there isn’t much to make it really stand out among the bubble shooters on the mobile market.


6.00/10 6

Game is enjoyable, outweighing the issues there may be.

There isn't anything remarkable to make this game stand out, but Bubble Island: Birds World is cute and fun. With different power ups and fast loading time, it's a good game to play on the fly.

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