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Cookie Run: OvenBreak Review

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Review

Mobile games are a strange bunch — you either get ad-riddled games that feel borderline illegal due to copyright law, or you get unique games that are absolutely brilliant. Somehow, there's no in-between. To give you an idea of where Cookie Run: OvenBreak lands, I'll tell you that I was supposed to write this review sometime around a month and a half ago; I just kept wanting to do one more run.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak thankfully falls in to the latter of these two categories, offering a charming arcade runner playstyle in which you play as GingerBrave, trying to escape from the witch's oven in order to not get cooked.

Before you get excited, this isn't an endless runner. UnlikeTemple Run and Minion Run (when it was fun) that were endless, Cookie Run: OvenBreak approaches the runner genre with a stamina system in which each acquirable cookie (from a choice of 149 and growing twice per month) has its own stamina gauge that dictates for how long that particular cookie can run. This ensures that each level in the game doesn't take too long, even if they are in one of the numerous "endless" maps present throughout the game.

Whilst we're on the topic of modes, Cookie Run: OvenBreak has so many, it deserves an entire article of its own. Most players will — and should — start with the "Main Story" mode, where you'll run across six different chapters and unlock a lot of characters (many of which are great, such as Yogurt Cookie, who can easily carry you to Diamond). Aside from the Story mode, the game has nine other game modes to enjoy, each with plenty of rewards that will ensure you can build up your account swiftly. Whenever you're not swamped with 10 different game modes, you can play through the bimonthly events that reward a lot of Crystals (the premium currency) to unlock more runners, in order to continue running to earn more Crystals.

This all wouldn't matter if the game in and of itself wasn't fun, as from an outside perspective it might seem like the game's approach is quantity over quality, but I can assure you that the game is plenty of fun to play. Cookie Run: OvenBreak has modes that are sure to entice any player, ranging from competitive modes to fight for the leaderboards, to casual collect-a-thon-like modes where you can play and compete against yourself to get the highest score.

Worlds transition from easy to difficult in such a smooth way that I couldn't really tell you when I started playing the difficult levels, I just found myself being able to complete them after my hopes had been crushed weeks prior when I tried to help my wife pass a particularly tricky level.

With new characters (and events attached to them) bimonthly, competitive modes, casual modes, collecting, and fun running, it's a no-brainer to recommend Cookie Run: OvenBreak to everyone; as long as you like runners, you'll find something to like about this game.

10.00/10 10

Cookie Run: OvenBreak (Reviewed on Windows)

Outstanding. Why do you not have this game already?

Cookie Run: OvenBreak's approach at adding tons of content allows it to be accessible and fun to a wide array of players, making it a no-brainer to try if you like the runner genre.

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