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Glory Ridge Review

Glory Ridge Review

Mobile games get it right sometimes, and Glory Ridge is one of those times. An MMORPG with so many elements involved that, if you have a kid ten or older that you want to keep occupied for hours, or hell, if you want to get lost for hours, this is the game to download. This title is kind of addicting.

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Developer OG Limited or Oasis Games has a ton of games under their belt and it shows. They’ve also done Clash of Rome and World of Kings, two titles that at least I’ve heard in passing in the mobile world. Glory Ridge is working hard to be the next Clash of Clans or Game of War, two very popular mobile titles that I’ve honestly never played but seem very similar to this. They are in the same genre of medieval-ish times where one has to build up their world, defend their realm, and go out to attack others, and it all works very well.

When you get into Glory Ridge, you are given a realm, and it is yours to build and manage. Of titles I have played, it reminded me of Grepolis, a wonderful PC strategy MMO that is so very similar to this, only based in Ancient Greece. I found myself instantly immersed, building farms and mines, tending to my soldiers and archers, reinforcing my walls and upgrading my castle… and then I discovered the map and the fighting strategy.

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Fighting is where I found a nice addition to things. This is where the RPG really came in, as it’s turn based battle as you travel across the map following additional quests that are given to you. You can change your fighters out fairly easily and the whole fighting aspect is well made. Even if you have little experience with turn based RPG fighting, this will be fairly easily to catch on to.

The graphics are nice in a very cartoon style and help set a fun atmosphere. This makes the game endearing and therefore even more immersive as, for me, art is extremely important. If I love the art, then I’ll want to play a game more. Even better, the music is great in a nice Celtic style violin jig that kind of makes you want to bounce along. A lot of care was put into this game in all aspects, from the gameplay, to the art, to the music.

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On my phone, an LG V-10, the game ran smoothly, but I did see a few complaints of crashing on the Android Play page for the title resulting in one star reviews. The good thing from those reviews, though, was that OG Limited did respond to those issues as well as other one star reviews with other issues such as glitch complaints, which is always good to see. So even if I didn’t see any issues, other people have but OG Limited seems to be proactive in working on any issues found.

All in all, I would absolutely recommend this game to anyone into MMORPG’s even if you’re not on the go. This is a fun game and it’s available on Android and iOS. The game is free to play with in game purchases, but they’re pretty liberal with giving away the items you would need to purchase at first, at least as far as I noticed. Give this game a look, especially if you don’t like mobile games, as Glory Ridge is worth giving a try.

9.00/10 9

Excellent. Look out for this one.

Due to customer complaints, can’t give a perfect score, though the devs are very talkative which is nice. Game seems very complete and is extremely immersive and fun to play. You may run down your battery playing this one.

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