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Swap Sword Review

Swap Sword Review

Do you like classic-looking pixel games, match-3 games, or roguelikes? If find yourself nodding yes to any of the above, you're probably going to like Swap Sword.

Swap Sword puts you in the character of a girl battling monsters with her sword while trying to find keys that will take her to the exit. It's pretty difficult and it’ll take a few tries before you get the full understanding of the game. There are quite a few rules and each obstacle has a different meaning to it. On the puzzle board there is a wall, keys, shields, eggs, your character, monsters, TNT, and gems. Each has its own meaning and will affect the game in some way.


You'll need to match keys in a row of three to begin to find the exit. As you progress through the levels the amount of keys you need will increase, and so will the monsters. The monsters start out each level in their eggs, and after three turns they will hatch and begin to chase you down. Luckily, the walls can block them from getting to you. Matching three shields in a row will also give you a bonus health shield, and you're going to need that to handle the increasingly difficult monsters. Each monster will have a different ability, like moving two spaces or being able to take more damage.

Your character only has two lives — three with the shield — so you’re going need to be strategic. Getting crowded with monsters? Match three TNT in a row and clear out an entire row. As you escape each level you will be rewarded with a bonus, and this is where gems come into play. You can match up to 12 gems and use those for your bonus. For example, on level three you're trapped in the corner and will surely be defeated. But use the bonus to escape to the top of the board costing eight gems and you’re safe.


Visually, the game looks fantastic. It uses a retro pixel design with bright, vibrant colours. Each symbol also has its own distinct animation: the gems have a twinkle and the TNT have the burning wick. The game runs super smooth and feels excellent. Unfortunatly, the sounds just don't match up with the rest of the experience. Swap Sword only uses simple, minimalistic sounds, and there's no music or soundtrack.

Overall, Swap Sword is great fun. It’s a quick-play game that's addicting and pretty in an old-school sort of way. If you’re a roguelike or match-3 fan, there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had here.

9.00/10 9

Swap Sword (Reviewed on iOS)

Excellent. Look out for this one.

If Swap Sword doesn't win you over with its charming fusion of match-3 and roguelike elements, it will with its solid and addicting gameplay.

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Zac Herr

Zac Herr

Mobile Writer

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