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Zippy Zombie! Review

Zippy Zombie! Review

Zippy Zombie!, for those who love Minecraft but would rather spend their time running from zombies instead of building things. And it’s not just zombies you’re running from, but dogs as well. Be careful that you don’t get caught on any of the scenery!

Created by Yusuke Hisaoka in the Unity engine, Zippy Zombie! is made in a Minecraft art style where the object of the game is to avoid any obstacles and stay alive for as long as you can. Don’t stop moving, though, and especially don’t get caught on any of your surroundings or you will find a swift end. It’s kind of like running through Left 4 Dead with no ammo, as all you have is your little legs to carry you to safety. Though I don’t think there is any safety, the zombies and dogs will get you eventually. The object is to just last as long as you can.

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This game is incredibly simple, something that can be good or bad in a mobile game. It loads up very quickly and there’s no real menu. The main screen has a circle that you place your finger on, and after holding your finger there for a few seconds, the level starts. It’s up to you to lead the character around and keep him or her alive for as long as you can.

There are options in the game, such as different stages to play in and fifty-four different character models. So far I’ve only unlocked a biker looking character and a bear. The current stages are the Undead Woods, Wild Farm, and Restless Town (ala Raccoon City). Stars are needed to unlock the additional stages, Wild Farm and Restless Town, and those are achieved by completing missions such as running for 200 metres.

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There are in game purchases and ads, though they’re not all that distracting. For each mission completed in Zippy Zombie!, the player gets coins which can unlock other items or characters. To get more coins, players can watch ads, though it’s entirely up to the player. This is nice because sometimes ads can just pop up on some mobile games which can cause the player to feel distracted from the game. Even though there isn’t much to this title, I can see someone getting lost in it pretty easily. The lack of forced ads makes it even more possible that someone will get lost in it for a while.

This is a great game to play when you need a quick distraction. The cute art and lack of any serious violence (when you’re “eaten” by a zombie, it just becomes a bigger version of itself and game over) make it appropriate for almost any age. Listed as 10 and up, this would be a great game to pass to a kid who’s starting to grow impatient in a waiting room or in the car, or an adult for that matter.

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While this game is easy to load and super fun, some of the controls seemed a bit wonky. Even though the “controls” are really just a fingertip, it doesn’t seem that the character can go backward. Only forward and to the right or the left, which causes you to get stuck in items like trees. That can get a little bit frustrating, as if you get cornered, there’s no way out. Though since it doesn’t seem to have any true punishment for getting caught or eaten, it’s not so frustrating that someone might stop playing. At least, not unless the player ends up cornered several times in a row. That may cause a person to stop.

Zippy Zombie!, available on iOS and Android, is free to play and looks to be the first game from Yusuke Hisaoka. The game is fun and colourful, and I can’t help but want to unlock more and more characters. It’s perfect for on the go gaming, and while it has some drawbacks as all games do, it’s nothing terrible or game breaking. This game is definitely fun and worth giving a go.

7.00/10 7

This game is good, with a few negatives.

Zippy Zombie!, available on iOS and Android and is free to play. The game is fun and colourful, and is perfect for on the go gaming. While it has some drawbacks as all games do, it’s nothing terrible or game breaking. This game is definitely fun and worth giving a go.

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