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A New Lost Legends of Redwall Is Coming Next Year — Feast & Friends

A New Lost Legends of Redwall Is Coming Next Year — Feast & Friends

With the heartbreaking news of the announcement of the delay for the upcoming The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Anthology, we needed some good news for the upcoming Redwall videogame titles. Thankfully, alongside the delay came the announcement of the newest entry into the title — The Lost Legends of Redwall: Feast & Friends!

Interestingly enough, though we know more about the game and its features, no new trailer has been released thus far. Fans of the multi-million-selling book franchise Redwall will be able to embark on a new journey alongside Scout Chef Rootsworth on his unique journey to become the best cook in all of Mossflower Wood!

The Lost Legends of Redwall Feasts Friends Announcement Chef Rootsworth

This new title will be unlike the other delayed game — The Scout Anthology — as instead, you'll take control of Scout Chef Rootsworth in what seems to be a cooking-inspired title! There will be various locations in the game, from the Lilygrove villages all the way to Salamandastron, the Badgers Lord's stronghold!

To become the greatest cook in Mossflower Wood, you'll need to impress all of the other cooks in the Redwall Abbey for a chance to get invited to the Nameday feast alongside all of the other renowned chefs! You'll be able to cook for characters as they share their story, and you get to experiment in the kitchen, giving you full control of how you follow the recipe, ignore it, or modify it at your heart's content. From pescatarian to vegan recipes, you'll be cooking everything under the Mossflower Wood umbrella of delicacies.

Get ready to take control of the Scout's greatest chef (and hopefully, soon-to-be greatest chef of Mossflower Wood!) when The Lost Legends of Redwall: Feast & Friends releases on the same day The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Anthology is sent out to the public — on the 30th of January 2024! 

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