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A New Pint-Sized Predator Joins The Killers In The New Dead By Daylight Trailer!

You know what gives me the shivers? Those "cursed" dolls you see in flea markets or find in the attic under a small fort of boxes. I don't know what it is, but these little terrors just scream (sometimes literally) that anyone caught in their button-eyed stare will be no more! It is with this preamble that I can firmly state that I am not going anywhere near Dead by Daylight, which is now teasing the addition of its newest deadly deviant, Chucky!

DBD CH30 CERT PR Screenshots Perk04 Totem 1920x1080

Though this diminutive demon is small in stature, Chucky is anything but harmless. Known from the Child's Play horror movie franchise, the character is known for being both everywhere and nowhere! So keep an eye out for his signature shock of ginger hair. With abilities allowing him to move at astounding speeds and even help from the damned soul trapped within the puppet, players will underestimate this Killer to their own peril.

In addition to the Killer and his skills, the new update adds completely original lines read by the original voice of Chucky. You'll also be able to customise your look, switching out the red-headed menace for the Good Gal, Tiffany Valentine!

The Dead by Daylight: Chucky Chapter will be available on all supported platforms on 28th November.

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Martin Heath

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