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A New Pokémon Game Is Coming To Mobile

A New Pokémon Game Is Coming To Mobile

A new surprise Pokémon mobile game has been announced, and it’s a continuation of the Pokémon Rumble spin-off series titled Pokémon Rumble Rush. Strangely enough, the title is already available to download in Australia on Android, with a worldwide and iOS launch following “shortly”.

Nintendo originally announced a Pokémon Rumble title for mobile back in 2017 (title Pokéland at the time), but the title was assumed cancelled after news about it went silent shortly after. It turns out Pokémon Rumble Rush is in fact that same title, which begs the question of “what took so long”?

Pokémon Rumble was originally a downloadable title for the Nintendo Wii which focussed on basic combat from an isometric viewpoint. The title eventually received several sequels, including games for both the 3DS and Wii U.

In Pokémon Rumble Rush players are tasked with discovering new areas and Pokémon. As they explore each island players must overcome the hordes of enemy Pokémon that stand in their way. Tap the screen to send your partner into battle, and there’s a chance that one or more of them will befriend you and be available to use in future battles before you go up against so-called Super Bosses.

Pokémon Rumble Rush is “free-to-start” (so, free with microtransactions), and available now in Australia on Android. Check out some screenshots of the game in our gallery here.

Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

Staff Writer

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TGK - 09:46am, 16th May 2019

Just downloaded the APK so I can play early. Gotta love Android

NikkiChan - 12:26pm, 16th May 2019

Oh great, another mobile game I'm going to be obsessed with. 

Acelister - 12:54pm, 16th May 2019

So this is basically Pokémon GO Solo Edition?