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A Whole New Area and UI Improvements Are Inbound in Sanguivore: Twenty Below!

A Whole New Area and UI Improvements Are Inbound in Sanguivore: Twenty Below!

In the latest issue of their Dev Bites series, developer Blood Eater Games and publisher Forthright Entertainment teased the next big update to their cooperative horror title, Sanguivore: Twenty Below, with the main new addition being the third Section in which players will find themselves escaping the enigmatic Noble, the Town!

sanguivore town

The new area will be a large one, having distinct sub-areas to explore and go through to find an escape! The deep tunnels of the Mine Yard and the Mine within may offer a reprieve from the Noble's hunting, but you'd need to find a way in first, and the only cover you can find are the heavy machines around. The Substation may offer some more options, as getting the power on may open up routes yet unknown. There are a fair few live wires, though, and it is relatively open... can you avoid the Sanguivore long enough to get it running?

There is one last sub-area to The Town, the Market. This one is still a work in progress, but just based on the name, a large area with multiple houses and tight quarters sounds like a fun time! At least for the one doing the hunting.

sanguivore new menu

In addition to the new area, the menus of Sanguivore: Twenty Below is getting a new look! This new update both looks good, but also enables players to pick which Section of the game to start from! Two new characters will also be available to unlock with Shards.

Finally, new games modes are heading our way in future releases:

ESCAPE (coop campaign): up to four players battle their way through all four sections of a map.
Vs. Coop PvP: two teams of two players race to see who can escape from a single section first.
Time Trial (coop speedru): can your team beat the top score and time for a single section?
4v1: Play as the Sanguivore: coming soon.

Sanguivore: Twenty Below is currently available in Steam Early Access.

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