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Agony Announces New Mode

New features were announced for the upcoming title Agony, launching for PlayStation 4, X Xbox One, and PC on 29th May, 2018, including a new "Agony" game mode.

Agony is an upcoming, Kickstarter-financed horror title that we had a chance to preview way back in 2016 at Gamescom. It challenges players to survive in the most dangerous wilderness: Hell itself. Players take control of a tormented soul trying to escape from Hell by exploring and interacting with the infernal landscape around them, and even possessing  other souls simple-minded demons they come across to provide extra support as they make their way to the final confrontation with the Red Goddess herself.

The new, titular "Agony" game mode will add an additional spin on the game by procedurally-generated chambers with random tasks to test their hellish survival skills, ending only when the player is killed. The new mode will be scored and players will be ranked on a worldwide leader board.

"When players achieve their given quest objectives and make their way to the mysterious 'Red Chamber' – implemented in each procedural generated level they can add additional points to their score by generating additional chambers to test his skills or even go back replaying the given level as one of the notorious Succubus!"

Brienne Rose

Brienne Rose

News Writer

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Wowky - 03:16pm, 24th May 2018

I am so pumped for this game