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Alien: Isolation ‘Corporate Lockdown’ DLC Announced

Alien: Isolation ‘Corporate Lockdown’ DLC Announced

Alien: Isolation boasts an ambitious 15-20 hours of horrifying game play, and if you have managed to get your hands on a copy and have played through the stress inducing game to its completion you might be asking yourself, “what’s next?” Well lucky for you, your deadly tango with the xenomorph will continue October 28th with ‘Corporate Lockdown’, the first of the five DLC’s that SEGA announced this morning.  

‘Corporate Lockdown’ offers three brand new challenging maps, ‘Severance’, ‘Scorched Earth’, and ‘Loose Ends’ in the Survivor Mode portion of the game. You will be playing as Seegson Executive Ransome who has just realized that he has been abandoned by his paymasters, and knowing that the Torrens is heading his way he decides to hitch a ride on board. However, things are never as easy as they sound, especially in the Alien world. Seegson has decided to take some data with him and to tie up a few loose ends on the ship as he makes his exit. Looks like he might be looking at the inside of a locker fairly soon.

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I know just how excited you are to join him in that roomy locker space, good thing too because the DLC will be available for download costing only £5.59 / $7.99. The four remaining installments, ‘Trauma’, ‘Safe Haven’, ‘Lost Contact’, and ‘The Trigger’ will all be separately coming out between now and March 2015. If you are itching to get a good deal, then you might want to look into the Alien: Isolation Season Pass, which contains all five of the DLC’s for up to a 25% discount. Each of the DLC’s will feature a new player from the Alien world, and new and exciting maps to play on.  

While playing Alien: Isolation have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish this game was more challenging!”  Yeah me neither, but for the truly insane ‘Corporate Lockdown’ will have an addition called Gauntlet Mode. Gauntlet Mode is where players are challenged to complete all three of ‘Corporate Lockdown’s maps without dying a single time. Of course there will be leaderboards to keep track of your alien dodging skills and where you stack up in comparison to the rest of the community.

Will you be purchasing this DLC pack?
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