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Alone in the Dark Illumination Teaser Trailer

Atari and Pure have put this short trailer together to show arguably the main feature of Alone in the Dark: Illumination. Being attacked by horrible monsters in pitch black, viewed first person.

There is also some more information on the AitD website, cherry picked for your information and entertainment.

You will control one of four characters - or team up with three other people to co-op it up with all four. The Hunter, The Witch, The Priest and The Engineer. Each has their own backstory, some even being related to the characters from the original Alone in the Dark.

Lighting up maps and defend against/hurt enemies with light will be an important aspect of gameplay.

There are four distinct campaigns each with multiple levels.

This is the storyline:

Alone in the Dark™ brings you to the abandoned town of Lorwich, Virginia. Located near Virginia’s southern border, Lorwich was a flourishing industrial town with a bustling business generated by the local mines. These prosperous days came to an end when a  flood devastated the mining facility, leaving behind nothing but destruction in its wake. The disaster forced an immediate evacuation, leaving the town desolate. It has been years since the accident, and the town has long been forgotten.

But the cause of the accident is still a mystery, and years later, nobody dares step foot in the town for fear of what lies there. There have been numerous reports of strange creatures and a dark, brooding fog within the town. Some locals who believe in the supernatural say that there lurks an ever-present force known as The Darkness. The Darkness can reveal itself in many ways, such as fog, apparitions, and creatures. It has cast its spell over Lorwich, enveloping everything in its path. It is up to you to help defend the town by fighting back the Forces of Darkness.

Alone in the Dark: Illumination is available on Steam in the fall.


Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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