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An In-Depth Look at Every Game in Nintendo's '51 Worldwide Games'

Set to release 5th June, Nintendo's 51 Worldwide Games has received an almost six-minute overview trailer, detailing each of the 51 games and features of the package as a whole. Check out the trailer above and read on for an overview of the non-game specific features players will enjoy in this package.


  • Online and local multiplayer.
  • Tabletop Mode - Place the console flat on a table to simulate a physical board.
  • Mosaic Mode - Up to four consoles can be lined up side-by-side for a seamless multi-console multiplayer experience.
  • Narrated Introductions - Each game features a unique, fully narrated introduction. Additional tutorials, strategies and nuggets of trivia are also fully narrated.
  • Control Options - Several games have multiple control schemes: buttons, touch screen, motion controls etc.#


As a follow-up to 42 All-Time Classics on the DS, 51 Worldwide Games is doing more than upping the game selection. It's providing a more fully featured experience that celebrates the pastimes new and old that have entertained humankind over the years.

51 Worldwide Games releases exclusively for Switch on 5th June for £34.99.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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