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Animal Crossing Style Game "Castaway Paradise" releases on Xbox One and PS4

While the meme may be that players want Animal Crossing on their Nintendo Switch, one indie studio has apparently decided that they were also sick of waiting for a new game in that series to come out on their newest-gen consoles. But, instead of waiting, they decided to port their mobile phone based Animal Crossing-style game to consoles, hoping to fill the niche of people yearning for a laid-back adventure in a town's back yard.

Castaway Paradise very proudly proclaims that it is not much more than a game which apes off of Nintendo's weird towns building/chore simulator, but, if that's what you're looking for, then that's what you're getting.

The game is out on Mobile, PS4, and Xbox One right now, as well as previously releasing on Windows..

Caleb Ransbury

Caleb Ransbury

News Writer

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