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Aporia: Beyond The Valley Developer Walkthrough

Aporia: Beyond The Valley is the upcoming puzzle from Investigate North and produced of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Wallander. It’s designed to be an immersive non-linear puzzle title, taking players through a journey of discovery within an ancient, deserted world guided by the memories of ancestors.

In the newest developer walkthrough, Kasper and Nina from Investigate North presents a short gameplay walkthrough of Aporia. Showing impressive visuals powered by the CryEngine, the team at Investigate North wanted to immerse players in a world within by using a novel form of storytelling that does use text or dialogue.

Check out walkthrough from Green Man Gaming Publishing above, to learn more about Aporia and see the world of Ez’rat Qin firsthand.

Aporia: Beyond The Valley arrives on PC 19th July.

Calum Parry

Calum Parry

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joan vinton
joan vinton - 08:54pm, 19th January 2020

Playing Aporia:BTV & loving it.  HOWEVER...am stuck in area where water needs to be directed to the mail holding pool (with the green light atop the center pillar).  Picked up several weights, put on scale whick lifted the stone gate (the last obsitcal to getting water into pool).  Saved/Closed game, came back and weight is gone.   Found another, picked it up, but when I clicked on scale to place it, nothing happened.  No I have no weight and the gate can't be opened.  Arrrruuughhh!  What gives?  Was I NOT supposted to pick up more than one ?