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Assassin’s Creed Event Now Live in For Honor

For a limited time, players ofFor Honor can experience the power of Assassin’s Creed’s famed object, The Animus, to unlock unique customisation options and a new gamemode called The Creed. The mode is a variation of the 4v4 Dominion mode, in which players must capture zones in order to lure commanders Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Cesare Borgia out to battle. Defeating them earns a vast amount of points, with the winning team being the first to reach 1000 points. The event is free and currently live, running from 20th December to 10th January 2019.

Steve 'Rasher' Greenfield

Steve 'Rasher' Greenfield


Steve tends to do more work in the background these days than on the website. Keeps him out of trouble.

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