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Astroneer’s New "Awakening” Update Arrives

January will be a big month for Astroneer fans as System Era Softworks, developers of the game, dropped its final free update titled “Awakening” . The news follows the company’s incredible milestone of Astroneer, the award-winning space adventure, sandbox game surpassing over 11 million players worldwide.

Set to be the conclusion to Astroneer’s extensive narrative, the latest update is story rich as the player is sent on an urgent mission “that will take them to the heart of the Sylva System itself” by a shadowy new character.

Astroneer will still have support in the future, new content focussing on gameplay is planned for a later release this year. For those who are looking to experience more of the game can pre-order Astroneer: Countdown, an upcoming graphic novel distributed by Titan Comics that will delve into exciting tales based on Astroneer’s inventive universe, coming in March 2023.

Astroneer (and its latest update) is available now on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Bennett Perry

Bennett Perry

Staff Writer

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