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Autonauts receives free content update and an outline of six months' continued support

Planet colonising sandbox, Autonauts from Denki and Curve Digital, has received its first of six free content updates this week. Called Autumnauts, the update adds new recipes, clothes, gnomes and robot variants to the already expansive array of options.

In Autonauts, players will have to survive on a wild, procedurally generated planet, eventually colonising it with the help of programmable AI robots that'll be ordered to carry out the mundane tasks of survival and let a thriving settlement grow.

There are five more updates planned between now and April 2020, here's a quick summary of when to expect each one and what they'll bring:

December 2019 - ‘Xmasnauts'

  • New buildings, which bring with them fresh gameplay choices.
  • More flora, fauna and food to grow and produce.

January 2020 - 'Phase 2 : The Age of Steam'

  • Mod support comes to Autonauts.
  • Steam engines can be developed, allowing transport of goods across large distances using trains.
  • The health and well-being of colonists will become a factor to consider and deal with in the game.
  • More options for homes and shelters for colony's growth.

February 2020 - 'Waternauts'

  • New kinds of fish to catch and display.
  • Ability to construct Aquariums with which to display the fish.

March 2020 - 'Easternauts'

  • New flora and fauna in-game.
  • New recipes.
  • New buildings, which bring fresh gameplay opportunities.

April 2020 - ‘Phase 3: The Age of Enlightenment’

  • Colonists can be educated and enlightened with the creation of books, music and additional artworks,
  • Teach colonists to expand their minds and transcend to a new level of existence.
  • A new silk textile chain allows for the crafting of a whole new, higher level of clothing.
  • With oil Refineries, even more machines can be created and the colony can develop further into the industrial age.
  • More buildings (again with new gameplay additions).
  • More flora and fauna.
  • More clothing and apparel for colonists, players and robots alike.

 The free Autumnauts update is out now for Autonauts on PC, and the game costs £17.99.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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