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Bandai Namco Announces PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ and we have the details!

We have some amazing news to share with every PAC-MAN lover! Bandai Namco has announced PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ which is a curated collection of all the classic and modern PAC-MAN games! Some of the titles available have not been available in years. 

Some of the 14 titles that will be available include:

- Super PAC-MAN
- Pac-In-Time
- PAC-MAN Arrangements Arcade Version
- PAC-MAN Arrangements CS Version
- PAC-MAN Championship Edition
- PAC Motos
- PAC'N ROLL Remix
- PAC-MAN Battle Royale
- PAC-MAN 256

Additionally, PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ will have a customisable interface that will resemble an arcade game center to further enhance the retro mood! The customisation includes placing cabinets, decorations, and memorabilia throughout their arcade. Players will be able to unlock all of this through a mission-based progression system that will reward them with coins, which they will be able to use to buy the customisation. 

PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PCs via Steam in early 2022. 



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