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Batman: Arkham Knight Steam Owners To Get Free Arkham Games

Batman: Arkham Knight Steam Owners To Get Free Arkham Games

When Batman: Arkham Knight launched earlier this year in June, the console versions worked just fine, but when it came to the PC version, it didn't quite go to plan. That's actually an understatement; it was so awful, that Warner Bros. decided to pull the game from Steam and retailers.

Well the wait is finally over as the game finally re-released for the PC today, and Warner Bros. want to make it up to those who missed out on the game due to the issues. If you buy the game on Steam at any time up until the 16th of November, you will receive a handful of free content, as a way of saying sorry.

Firstly, you'll get the entire Arkham series. So that's:

  • Arkham Asylum Game Of The Year edition
  • Arkham City Game Of The Year edition
  • Arkham Origins
  • Arkham Origins Blackgate.

Secondly, you'll get the "Community Challenge Pack" for Arkham Knight, which will be available in January 2016. And finally, Warner Bros. and Valve have launched a contest for the community to create Arkham Knight themed cosmetic items for Team Fortress 2. Once the contest is over, you will receive the winning items.

It's quite the selection of free content, but is it good enough? Chances are, if you're playing Arkham Knight, you've probably played the previous titles. It's like buying The Return of the King and getting The Fellowship of the Ring for free. It just doesn't make much sense.

So is it a good enough apology? Let us know your thoughts below.


Acelister - 10:04am, 29th October 2015

This is clearly a move to get people to buy the game. Most of the people who bought it on day one, and waited MONTHS for a fix, will already have the other Arkham games.

Saying that - if they come in as Steam gifts, I'll take anyone's extra copy of Origins.

djd4ws0n - 03:45pm, 29th October 2015

As mentioned, you're already likely to have the previous games if you're playing through this. It's better than no recompense I suppose, but I can't help thinking some of the season pass content might have soothed the savage beasts somewhat.

Rasher - 06:18pm, 30th October 2015

After owning the game all these months and not being able to play it, would of liked something a bit more than "games I already had"

Season pass or some of the DLC would of been a nice gesture in my eye.

This will be the last time I pre-purchase  a Batman Arkham game due to this..