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Before We Leave - What's In the Biomes and Beasties Update?

The latest update, Biomes and Beasties, is almost here for Balancing Monkey Games' non-violent city builder and colonisation sim Before We Leave. In addition to new story elements, the update will also bring new creatures to interact with, new biomes and more. Check it out in the trailer above and get ready to experience it for yourself when it releases on the 1st December. 

What's In the Update?

  • Animals - Cats, dogs, sheep, toucans, cows, squirrels, frogs and scorpions (eek!).
  • Ability to Plant Forests
  • New Biomes - Swamp, Rainforest and Crystal.
  • Improved Random Generation Algorithm - New island shapes; resource spawns have been overhauled; coral reefs now spawn in the world; ruined villages now spawn in the world; and more.
  • New Type of Research and Resource - Through the (also new) Crystal biome.
  • Backstory - Written in collaboration with the Discord community.
  • Ability For Players to Build Their Own Transmogrifiers

For even more changes, and a list of all the bug fixes (there are a lot), check out the changelog here.

The Biomes and Beasties update launches for Before We Leave  on PC (via the Epic Games Store) on the 1st December.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

Raised on a steady diet of violent shooters and sugary cereal. He regrets no part of this

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