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Begin The Path Infernal in the New Final Fantasy XIV Crossover Questline Teaser

Revealed in the London 2023-2024 Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival, Final Fantasy XIV, and Final Fantasy XVI will be collaborating in a new questline for the MMORPG! Titled The Path Infernal, the questline will feature Clive Rosfield from Final Fantasy XVI and will involve players facing off against a different kind of Primal!

While details are still scarce on this collaboration, if it follows the usual pattern, players can expect to adventure with Clive and aid him in whatever has brought him to Eorzea. Themed cosmetics and minions may also be available, though we'll know for sure once more information is available! If nothing else, the trailer promises an epic battle with a slightly different Ifrit than Final Fantasy XIV fans may be used to.

The Path Infernal is set to be released on Final Fantasy XIV in early April.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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