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Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Patch v1.031 Released

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Patch v1.031 Released

Developers of the hit roguelike indie game, The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth, have released their v1.031 patch to fix some game bugs, focusing on Steam Cloud and controller support.

On the Steam update page, Simon has said that the two main fixes in this update are the Steam Cloud syncing problems and the disconnecting issues that can come when playing with a controller.

Steam Cloud sync
The game is now directly saving to the synchronized Steam Cloud folder. This means that you cannot accidentally overwrite your save files anymore by switching to a different Steam account on the same computer.
The save files (persistentgamedataX.dat, gamestateX.dat) are now in a folder inside your Steam userdata directory that will automatically be synced with the Steam servers.
On Windows, the path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[account id]\250900\remote


Random disconnect of some game controllers
Players experienced an issue where the Sony DS4 controller was disconnected randomly when using both analogue sticks at the same time.

The minor fixes and balancing notes were also released and are as follows:

Improve Steam Cloud sync
Fix random disconnect for Sony controllers
Fix crash on trinket pool reset
Fix Gemini + BFFS
Fix Technology 2 + Chocolate Milk
Eden's start items are seeded more reliably
Fix collectible spawn position for There's Options and Negative
Fix Holy Mantle continue exploit
Fix seed exploit for challenge runs
Fix hard mode affecting room drops other than hearts
Fix P2 blood donation exploit
Fix P2 anti-gravity
Fix P2 being able to use bombs
Fix Devil Deal exploit with half soul heart
Fix invincible Carrion Queen
Fix Blue Baby restart issue
Fix Haunt not invincible for the first few frames
Fix 60fps interpolation for Cube of Meat 2
Fix picked up item disappearing when exiting during pickup animation
Limit Halo of Flies count to 10
Change Lil' Brimstone deal to 2 hearts
Change Ticking Spider collision damage to half a heart
Change Head of Krampus to 6 charges
Improve Dark Bum mechanics

One of the upcoming updates is one that the developers have planned to release for a while. It will be taking ideas from the public on the Reddit community, to provide an improved game. However, no official date has been set yet.



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Guest - 08:31pm, 10th December 2014

I don't mean to be rude, but is English not your native language? Not one of your sentences made grammatical sense.

Emseypenguin - 08:49pm, 10th December 2014

Thank you for your feedback Zachariah, the post has been altered slightly. :)