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BioWare Teases the Next Dragon Age Game

Viewers of The Game Awards 2020 enjoyed another surprise announcement with a teaser of the next entry in the Dragon Age franchise. Currently referred to as simply Dragon Age or The Next Dragon Age, the trailer establishes that we'll be playing as an all-new protagonist, one without innate talents or ancient prophecies to guide them. It's a more relatable approach, then, one that looks to eschew many of the familiar (arguably tired) tropes that fantasy fiction of relies on. 

Of course, none of the teaser (shown above) demonstrates actual gameplay footage. This teaser is merely confirmation that the game exists and has an established tone. It's best not to take any of its 72 seconds as a true indicator of the eventual gameplay experience.

No platforms or release dates have been revealed for Dragon Age. With that in mind, we can assume that it's coming to next-gen systems and PC some time in the future... not particularly soon.


Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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